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Hi. My name is Mark.

I have been fortunate to work with great clients on challenging projects in a variety of digital media, helping companies, nonprofits and schools develop relationships through high quality communications.

I am a blend of Geek and Artist.

Resume in brief


Vermont Lyme Website

Vermont Lyme

An authoritative resource for information about Lyme and Tick-borne Disease in Vermont.

  • Responsive WordPress Theme
  • Custom Plug-ins, jQuery and Functions
  • Analytic Tracking for annual reports
  • Email Newsletter
  • Design and Layout of Downloadables and Workbooks
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Starkweather & Shepley

This site features connections to social media channels weekly submission reporting through automated scripts. Custom layouts and form capturing.

  • CSS3 Transforms Layout
  • Flex Layout
  • Video/Audio editing
  • Lucky Orange Analytics
  • Customer Chat
  • Accessiblity Auditing and Maintenance
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StarShep Website
Granite State Communications Website

Granite State Communications

A website using a customized responsive WordPress theme with a custom font set I created from icons for use in the WordPress CMS.

  • LAMP development
  • Font creation
  • Custom queries showing relational posts
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Brandon Gateways

Developed to be a platform for community members to access local resources and information. The site uses a flexible grid to “Respond” to different device dimensions so the site looks great on mobile devices as well as desktops and tablets.

  • AJAX/jQuery
  • Responsive layout
  • Administration section
  • Custom Database using MySQL
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Brandon Community Guide Website
Cortile Gallery Website

Cortile Gallery

A custom WordPress site featuring the responsive Bootstrap Framework and Woocommerce using the QuickBooks API for creditcard processing and inventory control.

  • Secure Server
  • Responsive layout
  • WooCommerce
  • Custom WordPress Plugins
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I Never Saw a Moose

We wrote a book celebrating our experience in the Goshen area. My family spent many winters at Blueberry Hill Outdoor center cross country skiing in the Winter and hiking in the Spring.

  • Indesign Book Layout
  • Photoshop image editing
  • HTML, ecommerce, social media integration
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Children’s Book Website
Young Tradition Vermont Presentation Video

Young Tradition Vermont

Young Tradition Vermont Touring Group Presentation. This is a composite video using music performed and recorded remotely by the touring group. In the context of covid isolation, the participants in the touring group couldn't hear themselves within the group and the way the video came together is powerful. The connection the group gives to the kids to each other and the past is nothing less than magic. I'm honored to help in anyway also I love to edit video.

  • Video Composition
  • Video & Audio Editing
YouTube Video
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Web Programing Skills

Video & Audio Production

And more...

I’m more than a programmer/designer. I bring a wide range of interests and observations to every project I work on. Theater, art, filmmaking, fishing and carpentry are some of my diversions.

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About Me


After graduating from RISD I worked for a start-up near Philadelphia before moving to Chicago and Leo Burnett. Working with clients such as the U.S. Army, Adidas, Kellogg and McDonalds gave me a great opportunity to gain experience and grow my technical expertise. After our children were born my wife wanted to move home to Vermont, and I have been working on a variety of projects, from local to international, ever since.

Adjunct Professor, Web Design and Development Castleton University

I have been teaching and mentoring since RISD. I don‘t use the title Professor because “[the web] is inherently chaotic, built by multitudes and continuously tweaked, with nobody in charge... —WaPo”, I am continually a student/participant of its evolution.

Working on Compassion

When you work with computers you can miss working with people. It is one of the principal things I love about working in a community setting. I break my routine (and get away from my desk) to use my hands, back and heart to help people. This has included direct care for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia, and volunteering for the local Hospice. It is challenging work, but it is an opportunity to truly make a difference for each person I have the privilege to care for.

Listening and Responding

I am an overcompensating introvert. When I am on stage I feel a responsibility:

  1. To the audience—as though I am the host of a party
  2. To the author—to be clear with their words and message
  3. To my fellow actors—to listen and to be accurate in my response

I have acted in everything from Slapstick to Shakespeare, and enjoy being part of a performance. Also, I love being around actors; they’re a special breed.


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About Mark

Mark is a front end web developer based in Central Vermont. His strengths are User Interface, User Experience, HTML, CSS, Adobe, Video Editing, Animation, and Teaching. He is passionate about supporting the arts and his local community.

Contact Info

  • Mark Zelis

  • PO Box 35, Belmont, Vermont

  • (802) 465-1023

  • [email protected]